What poultry equipment do I need for chicken farming?

Poultry farm equipment for a chicken house. You will need poultry equipment to feed your chickens, to water your poultry and to move food and water around the chicken house. (If you have more than 500 chickens)

Poultry drinkers

how do I give my chickens water?


Usually made from plastic and available in different sizes – they are know as drinkers or fonts. They allow you to fill the font up and as the chickens drink it lets more water flow. They need to be cleaned every day.

Nipple drinking system


nipple drinking system

Nipple drinker

Used in large poultry houses a nipple drinking system takes water from a header tank and channels it to a piping system that has nipple which the chickens peck at. This means the chickens cannot mess water on you litter – upside is that you never have to worry if your chickens have water – you can also medicate the entire flock in one shot.


feeding chickens

tube feeder

Tube feeders

Made for small poultry houses they allow you to place enough chicken food to last a good while – food is dispensed as the chickens eat. Made from plastic they save on food by not allowing the chickens to scatter the feed around the chicken house.

Pan feeders

feeding chickens

Pan feeder

Made for large houses, a pan feeder takes feed from a pipe that comes from a silo. Excellent for feeding a large number of birds – pan feeder video.


Chain feeding system

chain feeding for chickens

Chain and trough

chain feeding motor

Power head

This feeding system uses chain to drag the chicken food around the house. It pulls the chicken feed or layer mash from a silo – you will need a batch weigher and a couple of geared motor called power heads to drag the chain. The system is expensive – but widely used by chicken farmers around South Africa – only if you have a very large chicken house.

Gas heaters for chicken houses

gas heater for brooding chickens

Gas heater

Gas heaters are used to warm the poultry house in cold places – you will also need a gas heater if you have baby chicks or day olds – no mum, no warmth. Even if you have a chicken house in a warm area you will still need to raise the temperature to 33 deg for baby chickens.

Fans for poultry houses

Poultry fan

Large fan

Most poultry houses need fans – this is a large fan for a very large poultry houses – the chicken fans come in different sizes. Small poultry houses will definitely need fans as the roof is low and made of steel – the temperature inside the house can go up very quickly. You will also need a min max thermometer to check the temperature inside the small chicken house. A wet dry thermometer for monitoring the relative humidity is a must if you want to do a professional job.

Nest boxes for laying houses

nest boxes for chickens

Nest box

If you are raising chickens or hens to grow eggs or to produce eggs for a hatchery you will need nest boxes or laying cages. Nest boxes are considered more :chicken friendly” as they allow the hens to wander around whilst layer cages keep the hens in one place for their entire life.


Layer cages for chickens

layer cages for chickens south africa

Layer cages

Layer cages are for intensive poultry farming. They allow the eggs to be easily collected and the chickens to be easily managed. This is not a friendly form of egg production and is banned in Europe due to it’s cruel nature. You can fit between 4 and 7 chickens per cage. The cages are stacked and the whole house is filled with layer cages.

Layer cages, chicken houses, gas heaters, poultry houses, thermometers, tube feeders, chicken drinking, nest boxes, fans, nipple drinkers are all needed depending on what type of chicken farming you are engaged in.

9 Responses to What poultry equipment do I need for chicken farming?

  1. Dewy says:

    What is a “vertical mechanical press” associated with poultry houses.
    all I know about it is someone told me it cost 50,000 dollars to take apart.

  2. john russo says:

    100,000 bird farm to produce 100,000 eggs per day
    semi auto egg cages and equipment to fill
    328 ft length 49 ft wide by 29 ft high
    will that be large enough building what is needed and who makes this stuff needed

    • Wayne Skews says:

      To produce 100 000 eggs per day you would need about 125 000 hens (at an 80% lay rate). You will need 6 layer houses measuring 150m x 11.8m with 3 tier layer cages. If you were doing closed environment houses the structures could be shorter and wider. The height would need to be 2.8m under the eaves. We can build the structures and provide all the needed equipment. You will need to think about showers, packing room and egg sorting machines.

  3. ntokozo says:

    I’m starting a chicken farm, may you please send me a quote on Chicken houses and other necessary equipment.

  4. Mandla says:

    I would like to start a chicken farm, I need a quote on all the equipment

    • Admin says:

      What size house – or how many chickens? Broilers or layers? Automatic feeding and drinking or manual poultry feeding and drinking?

  5. Nicholas Meyer says:

    I would like to start a chicken farm, I need a quote on all the equipment and advice on how to go about it, please contact me as I am going to be starting the farm within three months from now.

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