Breeds of chickens in South Africa

Depending on the type of chicken farming you are doing there are a number of chicken breeds available in South Africa. breeds of poultry in South AfricaDifferent types of chicken farming include layers or laying chickens for eggs for eating, layer houses that have laying poultry or hens for producing eggs for a hatchery – these poultry farms produce day old to supply to broiler farms. Broiler chickens – this type of poultry farming is growing chickens that are meant to be eaten. All and any of these farms can be for free range chickens or organic chicken farming – aalthough in South Africa most of the chicken farming is intensive chicken farming, using layer cages and closed houses. Many small chicken farmers grow broilers. You will also need specific types of poultry equipment for different types of chicken farming.

Breeds of poultry include:

Broilers or broiler chicken breeds – for eating

1.       Ross

2.       Cobb

3.       Arbour Acres

Layers or laying chicken breeds – for laying eggs

1.       Amber link Silver

2.       Hyline Silver

3.       Hyline Brown

4.       Loman silver

Poultry Breeds specific to Southern Africa include:

  1. Potchefstroom Koekoek

  2. Ovambo

  3. Venda

  4. Naked Necks

  5. New Hampshire

  6. Black Australop

  7. Rhode Island Red

There are other breeds for sale in S.A.

Boschvelder, Potch Koekoek, Koekoeks and Buff Orpingtons, Light Sussex, Dark Brahma, light Brahma.

You will need to specify how the bird was raised – free range or intensive depending on what kind of farming you wish to do – organically raised birds are rare so you will need to study the regulations and see how long you have raise them as organic before you sell the chickens or eggs as such.

Other breeds from around the world.

 New Hampshire
 Plymouth Rock   
 Rhode Island Red   
 Transylvanian Naked Neck
 Silkie Bearded
 Silkie Unbearded
 Aseel Game
 Cornish Game
 Indian Game
 Malay Game
 Natal Game
 Oxford Old English Game   
 Yakido Game
 Shamo Game
 Sumatra Game
 Thai Game
 American Game

Breeds of chickens are used in definite kinds of farming and their requirements are specific to certain conditions and feeds. Some birds are good for free range, others for intensive farming. Some handle the cold well, or the heat well. Some roost high, some low – you will need to be very specific about your intended results – they grow at different rates and have different end weights. Most are bred for production farming and the grandparent stock is all overseas – some of the parent stock is in South Africa. I have not seen a pure bred African chicken – if you know of an African breed of chicken let me know and I will a pay well for eggs or a breeding pair of chickens. These kinds of birds are for sale (from AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL ) and so are fertilised eggs for those wishing to hatch their own birds – usually using an incubator. The poultry breeding unit in Irene handles all the inquiries.

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  1. Jimmy Bogopa says:

    Good morning
    We are group of young people with the ambition of creating more jobs for our fellow youth,we want to start a business in farming with specific reference to chickens,eggs and meat. Our paln is to grow chickens and sell them to big ratailers in the country and outside SADC region. Your advice will be appreciated

    Jimmy 0767882083 From Limpopo Province

  2. Peter Frost says:

    Hi I am looking for New hampshire point of lay chickens to buy. I live in Buffelspoort, North West between Rustenburg and Brits.

    Thank you.

    Peter Frost

  3. Ursula Visser says:

    Hi, I need advice please. We want to start farming with free range chickens for meat and eggs. What breeds must we use for meat and which breed for eggs. It must be for free range. Thanks

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